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Dublin volkswagen Certified Pre-Owned info
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A brand-new way to think about used cars.

The WorldAuto program covers every Certified Pre-Owned vehicle sold through any participating Volkswagen dealership. It makes purchasing a used car feel like a totally new experience.

About WorldAuto

We know buying a pre-owned vehicle isn't always easy. Lucky for you, WorldAuto vehicles aren't just any ordinary pre-owned car. To meet WorldAuto standards, we set the bar a little higher. Every certified pre-owned VW is subject to a 112-point dealer inspection, and no, one of those steps isn't just kicking the tires. A certified Volkswagen technician goes through each car with a fine-tooth comb. And if they find anything wrong, they'll repair or replace it. Once a vehicle passes our test, we then include some additional bonuses that help give you more peace of mind when buying a WorldAuto Certified Pre-Owned VW.

2-Year or 24,000-Mile Limited Warranty
24-Hour Roadside Assistance Program
112-Point Dealer Inspection
Quality Pre-Owned
Dublin volkswagen Certified Pre-Owned info
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