Darren K. 

My partner and I had a great experience at Dublin Volkswagen. We bought a 2014 Jetta Sportwagen in November 2015 and love our car. Initially, we went to the Oakland Volkswagen dealership, which is in walking distance from our apartment. It didn't feel like they wanted to sell us a car. We went down to a few dealerships in Dublin and received different levels of sliminess until we got to the Volkswagen dealership. Stephanie greeted us warmly and set the tone for a great experience. Everyone on the team was friendly and engaging. I plan on having another Volkswagen after this one, and will always come back to Dublin. Thanks again, Stephanie!

Mihaela L.  

I had such a wonderful experience here! Fred really went above and beyond and I walked away with a great car while actually saving money. I'll be coming here for all my future car needs. Highly recommended. Thanks guys!

Vince S 

Had been looking into purchasing a new vehicle, I commute everyday passing by Dublin VW. I knew that the new 2015 GTI had just released and I had been doing some research on the vehicle. My gf and I decided to take a trip to the dealership, as we walked up we were greeted by a salesmen by the name of Alex( great humble guy ) he had great knowledge of the vehicles and showed us around the lot. After test driving the GTI I knew I had to have it, Sam and Larry (sales manager and general sales manager) helped out a bunch with my situation and made the deal work, much appreciated. Dani (finance director) also was a great help and made signing all the paper work a breeze, thank you as well. All and all I must say I had a great experience at Dublin VW and I would recommend anybody looking to purchase or lease a new or used vehicle Dublin VW will take care of you.

Veronica C.

Go see Alex H. & Manager Ray! Alex took care of me. I have been to past dealerships where I don't

completely trust or believe what they say but Alex was transparent with me. They didn't disappoint and worked with me. The wait was somewhat long but what dealership isn't.. At the end of the day I got what I wanted!

Wendy S.

Went to go "look" for a car today and met my salesman Alex and I couldn't be more please. I bought a used car and he really made everything easy even my ten year old soon had a blast!!! So if you're in the market for a new car go see my man Alex!!

Tage S.

Excellent customer service! Alex gave me a great deal on an awesome TDI 

Jetta which I absolutely love. I highly recommend doing business at this dealership

Setfan R.

This was by far my best dealership experience to this day, and I have purchased brands like Mercedes, Audi, and Saab.  Dublin VW is the dealership from another dimension, and I usually abhor the thought of car dealership negotiations.

Speaking of, the whole negotiation was a breeze and took about 5 minutes tops, a world record.  Michael was amazing, super patient, and felt like a gentle father.  In fact, the whole staff was so friendly, personable, honest, gentle, and definitely not the usual sleazy "car salesman" type.

No one pressured me, they were not playing games, they were direct, and caring the whole time.  Even Fred, who helped with the paperwork, was so kind and it was a breeze.  Michael stayed with me until 10PM to deliver the car, and still was extremely patient and took his time to explain all the car features and make sure I was satisfied.

Thanks again guys. I'm sending all my friends your way.

Jason H.

I am very picky about vehicle service departments as I have worked in Customer Service and Fleet Management.  The Service Department here is great.

My first experience was a warranty issue and Matt was great.  He made sure everything was taken care of, kept me updated throughout the process and made sure I was satisfied with my repair.

I just had my one year service and Anthony was a pleasure.  Again, kept me updated, provided accurate timelines and and explained what needed to be done and why.  (I needed a tire replaced in addition to the usual PM). The OEM tire was reasonably priced, similar to what I would pay at Costco. The car was pulled around washed and ready to go.

With service like this, I know where my car needs to go for it's OEM maintenance.

Andrea A.

Today my family went in to trade in our leased jetta and received outstanding service from Frankie. He showed extensive knowledge about each type of car, informative about safety, mileage, interior etc. and he was to the point which made our experience so much easier. He was personable and made it comfortable to express any questions or concerns we may have had. His customer service was so great that my mom bought a car literally right after we signed the papers for mine. He was exceptional, we were in and out. I highly recommend when you go in to request Frankie.

Cj G.

Came in to test drive a golf TDI today,  had Dylan help me out showing me around.  This man knows his cars. He help me understand what I was really driving.  I was very impressed by both his knowledge and his ppl skills. That Golf was a joy to drive. I'm still looking around to what car I like the most but Dylan has made Volkswagen a top contender.

Sarah L.

We had been searching for a used beetle for my 16 year old daughter for a while without much luck. We went to VW in Dublin and were greeted right away by, Alex. He was very helpful and found us just what we had been looking for at a great price. Everyone was very helpful and worked with us as far as what we were looking for our payments to be around. Overall we had a great experience. Can't wait to pick up the car for her

Cerise L.

I'm now driving my second Jetta from Dublin VW and I couldn't be happier with the car AND the service I receive there. Hesh was wonderful in helping me find what I was looking for (SE, fully loaded with all the bells and whistles) and I even asked him to keep his eyes out for an SUV for friends of mine. I would recommend anyone to Hesh and the team at Dublin VW

What really makes me happy is that I was able to trade in my 2014 Jetta S for a 2015 Jetta SE (both of which are leased) well before my turn-in date (I've only had the car a year and a half maybe?). I've brought in my 2014 for 10k and 20k mile servicing and get fantastic service every time. I knew that when I was ready to upgrade I wouldn't just stay with VW, but I'd stay with the Dublin VW team. I truly feel like part of the family there and that's a great feeling to have.

Debonne N.

Go See BOBBY and HARRY! :-)

Purchasing a car is STRESSFUL. You have to find a car, drive the car, check the specifications, review the warranty and if it doesn't meet your needs? Dust yourself off and try again. Here that was not an issue. We walked in and was immediately greeted by a positive, warm and energetic sales representative, Bobby and a representative from finance, Harry Chai. They listened to our needs and respected our budget. We came in there with an expected loan amount and they did not try to up sell us. My BF was a first time buyer and had basically no credit. He wanted to start off fresh and have a respectable interest rate and monthly payment. Bobby provided us with three prospects. All with similar features. We were able to test drive all three. With Bobby, Harry and Maher (the floor manager) assistance we were able to get the car we wanted, gap coverage, extended warranty and a this special paint that covers the car and the interior (preventing spills and paint damage.)  It was just a very wonderful experience. We were able to shop for insurance right on the spot. Individuals are extremely attentive and friendly. Thank you Dublin Volkswagen.

Joey C.

David Wallace (internet sales) helped and I had a great experience buying my first new car. David made the process very easy and addressed all of my car needs. I would recommend to my friends.

Thomas L.

Want a good, kind salesman who doesn't pressure you into a sale go see Bobby Bali. Words can't say enough about him you will just have to see for yourself. Keep up the good work Bobby, you made it a very pleasant buying experience for us!

Marco V.

I really don't enjoy car dealerships, and with my recent experience in walnut creek, DIRITOS, I was frustrated with the process.

However, when I stopped by Dublin Volkswagen, they absolutely found the car I want (Golf R) and gave me a good price after negotiation.

Staff is friendly and makes you feel comfortable. I worked with Alex, who helped me with the deal. Fred, the sales manager gave me the best quotes in the Bay Area. Remember these folks gotta make a living, so as long as it's a reasonable, they will make it happen for you!

I will definitley purchase my next Volkswagen here!

Lisa N.

We feel really lucky to have found our beautiful Passat here! Our salesman, Mike, was really nice and fun to work with.  And Fred and Alex earned themselves a great Yelp review tonight when I picked up my car after having the Cilajet coating put on it and they threw in these gorgeous monster floor mats with no charge! A+++ for that!  Keep up the good work!

C W.

AWESOME Customer Service and The Manager Mr Daugherty is wonderful!!!

Denise J.

Accolades to Walter in the service department! He took my Touareg R-line in a last minute squeeze and returned it perfect. No more ugly hard water spots and it's glossy and beautiful. Thank you again Walter and Phil Torres for taking good care of me.


I went into Dublin Volkswagen on September 8th looking to lease a car. I must of picked one of the hottest days to lease a car. It was 100 plus degrees outside that day!

Arrived to the dealership around 530Pm. As I entered the building it was quite nice to be engulfed in the cool air-conditioned air. Looked around a bit in the showroom to see what they had to offer. It was nice not to be approached buy anyone from the sales team the moment I entered, like I have experienced so many times before. I browsed around for like ten minutes then when I passed by the receptionist desk she asked me if she could assist me. I let her know what I was interested in and she introduced me to a sales person by the name of Bobby.

I believe most of us would like a hassle free experience when leasing or buying a vehicle. I want the experience to be as smooth as possible. I don't want to be pressured into anything. Unfortunately its not always like that. I like to be up front. Let the sales person know what type of vehicle I'm interested in. My price range and what I hop to accomplish along the way.

Well Bobby respected my wishes and did his best at making sure I truly received the best deal he could get for me. Everything was very painless, upfront and easygoing working with Bobby. When it was time to look at different models. He have me wait in the office where it was nice and cool. Then he would go get the vehicle, turn on the A/C and make sure that the car was cooled down before I took a look. Also on the few test drives he was very friendly and quite knowledgeable about the product. It didn't feel like a salesman in the back just waiting to take your money and get on with their day. It seemed more like having a ride with a cool person that you just met.

I am not much of a writer but when I feel that someone went out of their way to make me feel comfortable and make my experience as pleasant as possible, deserves a shout out. Thank you again Bobby for making my leasing experience as positive as possible. Now I'm driving around in my new Passat TSI with a big smile and a new friend to boot from Dublin Volkswagen.

Thanks again Bobby!!

Allison T

My husband and I went to Dublin VW over the Labor Day Holiday. I had been looking at various VW websites the evening before and saw that Dublin had the most inventory of diesels. David Wallace was our salesman, he was not pushy and very helpful. I told him I saw a car on their website I was interested in, he took us into his office to see if it was still available but it was SOLD. I told him I was interested in a diesel but wasn't sure of which model. He showed us what was available and I ended up test driving the Golf Sportswagon TDI. Two hours later it was mine! It was so easy buying this car compared to buying an Apple I-phone from Verizon! I highly recommend Dublin VW and ask for David Wallace!!!

Scott B.
We recently purchased a gently used Tiguan from Dublin Volkswagen.  I saw the vehicle on cars.com and when I called, I was connected to salesman Bobby.  When I told Bobby that my wife and I were interested in coming to look at the car the next day, Bobby offered to drive from home (an hour away) to meet us, even though it was his day off.  I told him that would not be necessary, as there was no guarantee I would purchase the car.  Bobby told me to ask for Dylan when we came to the dealership.  We did so, and found Dylan as he was coming back with his take-out dinner.  He immediately put his food away and was very attentive to us for the ensuing two hours (never giving his awaiting food any second thought).  Dylan was also quite knowledgeable about the car and was able to answer all of our questions during the test drive and thereafter.  Dylan even had the car detailed on the spot, so that we could inspect it more closely for cosmetic defects.  We ended up buying the car and are very happy with our purchase.  At no time did we feel any extraordinary pressure, as one often feels at car dealerships.  When we returned to pick the car up (after having dropped it off for an application of cilajet), we met Bobby, and he appeared sincerely grateful for our business (not at all like someone who forgets about the customers as soon as they drive off the lot).  Kudos to Bobby, Dylan and the rest of the crew at Dublin VW (including William).

Paul A.

Purchased a vehicle on 9/26 and wanted to recognize the dealer and in particular, the salespeople involved. Bobby Bali was very helpful and provided excellent service through the entire process.  Vincent was also very good.  An overall great experience.

Xiaoying R.

i first time went to Dublin Volkswagen. Bobby helps to my Uncle to buy a new car already. Also help to us bought insurance. The service is good for us.Thanks for Bobby Bali sales. I give Bobby five star!!!

Justin V.

I purchased a 2015 Passat Limited Edition here and overall I was happy with my experience. Anthony was extremely low pressure but helpful and he made the whole process easy. Yes, the standard up selling and initial high MSRP applies here, but if you do your research they will work with you. I got over 8k below MSRP in my Passat by doing a little comparison shopping with other dealers, and they were able to match the price.

Cathy S.
I want to send a special thank you to Dylan who found and literally unwrapped the new 2016 E Golf on their lot which we purchased immediately on 9/26/15.  It had just arrived and was still covered in protective plastic wrap.  It's a great car and they gave me a reasonable trade in for my Jetta TDI, (which I loved driving until recently) and for now they can't resell.  Also big thank you to Charlie in service department who took good care of me with a loaner while my new car was receiving final finishing treatments.  Whole experience was so easy.  I would definitely shop here in future as VW makes a spectacular car and people in Dublin were wonderful.  It feels good environmentally going electric and with solar panels on house makes all the more sense.  Oh yea, and guy in accessories, pen/key holder gift was nice touch.   Thank you all.   Cathy

Alie Z.

The service department at Dublin VW is awesome. I don't even have a VW anymore (used to have 2 jettas) and I still bring my car to them for routine maintenance. Matt is amazing and always spends time to make sure I fully understand everything, great work. Dublin Honda could learn a lot from these guys!!

Rakhee P.

Bought a used car at Dublin of volkswagon, searched high low for a used car, and we found it. Service from this dealership was outstanding, much thanks to Bobby, and Fred Emwiya, and William. They worked with us and also took care of our 1993

Toyota paseo. Great dealership, recommend anyone looking for a new or used car go to Dublin volkswagon, they will help you. once again thanks to bobby, Fred, and william.

Ivanna G.

I had my first experience getting my first car yesterday. And it was a very good one. Bobby, the salesman, was very down to earth and very helpful. Made the whole experience great. I'm very happy with my new 2016 Jetta. I recommend anyone to come to this dealership. They really go out of their way to help you.

Tracie D.

Dublin VW is the very best!!! I took my daughters car to Good Year on Dougherty and the new MGR Darrell lied about everything.

However Dublin VW was a breath of fresh air they turned a bad situation into a great one and we are going to buy a NEW Jetta for my daughter thanks to Matt in service, he is sincere and really a nice person. Thank you!

Aspen L.

I was really impressed with the Internet sales manager Nick who responded to my query on a used Lexus. He was very friendly and solicitous in his communications. His presentation of the vehicle was also very precise and went beyond answering all our questions. He went over the car fax in detail and researched info on other models we could compare with. There was also no sales pressure that I could feel but tried to get the best deal for us at the end.

Everyone at the dealership seemed very friendly and helpful also.

Yvette J.

Very nice people to deal with they make you feel at home left my glasses one of the sales man even gave me a pair glasses to wear while doing my paperwork they will make it happen for you if your credit is a little messed up or really messed up they will make sure that you leave with the car of your choice if not close to what you want it I would send everyone there to get a car is easier to do they make it so easy ask for Bobby Anil Bali and Frankie Farhad


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